About Killerwebs Design

Killerwebs Design started in 1995 when as a senior in college, I (Kris Westover-Fluck) was commissioned to head up the country music interest group on the Prodigy internet service. Having never built a web page before – or even knowing what a web page was at the time – I took on the challenge because I was an avid fan of country music and enjoyed the comaraderie that I enjoyed with the other fans…and it meant going to work in my pajamas. Score! This was right at the beginning of the world wide web craze and it became very apparent that this new media was not going to go away soon. I managed to teach myself how to code HTML by hand and honed my skills – continuing with Prodigy for about 2 years and then moving on to various website design companies in the Nashville area after I relocated there in 1996.

I expanded my resume by going to work for a publicist on Music Row in Nashville where I worked for recording artists – Clint Black, the Moody Blues, Donna Summer and David Lee Murphy. My oldest and most loyal client is David Lee Murphy whose website I have been designing ever since.

I have been involved with developing websites for the Nashville Sports Council, Pacific Wireless, The Granite Community Council, Empowered Adoption, David Lee Murphy, Victoria Fielding and the Rick Springfield documentary, An Affair of the Heart.

Killerwebs Design, although in the beginning marketed itself as a web design company also specializes in Logo Design, Photography and Corporate Communications (including advertising). Please be sure to check out the various portfolios for samples of my work.