About the same time that Millwood commissioned SDG to create the Farm Gate logo, they asked for logo concepts for another property – Timbergate. The logos progressed quickly with Timbergate because the client was able to quickly identify the branding they wanted their new property to have. The explained to us the type of atmosphere their new property would have and how they wanted the logo make people feel when they saw it – rustic, homey and inviting. 

The logo creation process usually begins with a brain storming session with the client. To get sense of the client’s style and likes and dislikes, it is common for us to ask for samples of logos that they find attractive. Killerwebs will design several concepts and present them to the client. From there feedback will help mold the final logo. This process usually takes about 3-4 weeks depending upon the quantity of feedback and how quickly the client can respond to our questions. Killerwebs and SDG pride themselves on responding quickly to the client’s feedback. We never like to keep the client waiting on us!